Opinion: View power plant’s benefits through a regional lens

As more information is becoming available about a proposed 1,200 megawatt electric generation facility in North Bergen, it is important for our community to embrace the strong economic and environmental benefits from a regional perspective – not fall prey to parochial prejudices that simply pit New Jersey and New York against each other.

First, let’s eliminate the hyperbole and be very clear – this proposed site is not located in the heart of the environmentally sensitive Meadows. Its proposed location is in a section of North Bergen zoned for heavy industrial use and on property currently being used for demolition and recycling.

The developers of the project have stated that the new facility would create thousands of construction jobs and provide millions in tax revenue for New Jersey and the Township of North Bergen. The project has been embraced by the municipality that will host the new plant. The electricity generated by the facility would go to 1.2 million residential and business customers in New York City.

It will help reduce costs for electric ratepayers in New York and help displace the operation of older, less efficient fossil fuel plants in the region – including the Indian Point nuclear plant. Overall, the new project is anticipated to result in material reductions of CO2, NOX and SO2 emissions in the New York metropolitan area.

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