What are the Benefits of a new power plant

The North Bergen Liberty Generating facility will help to replace an aging nuclear power plant with a safe, clean, and efficient natural gas-fired plant. The NBLG facility will have a net energy efficiency of 6,500 (BTU/KWH), or 34.4% more efficient than the average NYC fossil fuel power plant today. The NBLG facility will be located in an industrial part of North Bergen on a proposed 15-acre site that will keep environmentally sensitive lands from being destroyed. The NBLG plant would generate as much power as a solar array six times the size of Central Park or a wind farm the approximate size of Bergen and Hudson Counties COMBINED.

Construction and operation of the plant will create over 620 long-term, high-paying jobs for local construction workers.  Operations will provide millions in annual tax revenue to the state of New Jersey and North Bergen Township.  The estimated $5 million in annual maintenance of the plant will be performed by local contractors.